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Great projects require the highest quality output at every stage.

What we work on<br>
What we work on
At Axell, we fundamentally like large problems that are amenable to technology solutions. We seek out unfair advantages: proprietary and protected technological advances, business model innovations, unique partnerships and top-notch teams.
How we work<br>
How we work
Our focus and mission: assisting entrepreneurs We are in the company-building business, not the “deal” or “capital” business. We have a history of leveraging relationships to build teams,
How we decide<br>
How we decide
We differentiate our investments between two funds, which have slightly different criteria. Our seed fund consists of “science or innovation experiments,” where we often are the sole investor. Our main fund consists of more traditional ventures, from early to later stages, in all areas of technology.
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Time is extremely precious for everybody and this is why we make sure we work as fast and precisely as we can.
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The most important thing is that the end result pleases the customers and is exactly what they desire.
For us the trust of our clients is extremely important – only if they trust us the end result can be an exceptional one!
­­­­Our team
Mousa Khajouei<br>
Mousa Khajouei
Reza Shoohani<br>
Reza Shoohani
Mohammadreza Abdullahi<br>
Mohammadreza Abdullahi
Vice President